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HPC Quick Reference Guide#

Remember to substitute the usernames, login nodes, file names, ...for your own.

Login ssh
Where am I? hostname
Copy to HPC scp foo.txt
Copy from HPC scp
Setup ftp session sftp
List all available modules Module avail
List loaded modules module list
Load module module load example
Unload module module unload example
Unload all modules module purge
Help on use of module module help
Submit job with job script script.pbs qsub script.pbs
Status of job with ID 12345 qstat 12345
Show compute node of job with ID 12345 qstat -n 12345
Delete job with ID 12345 qdel 12345
Status of all your jobs qstat
Detailed status of your jobs + a list nodes they are running on qstat -na
Submit Interactive job qsub -I
Disk quota
Check your disk quota see
Disk usage in current directory (.) du -h
Worker Framework
Load worker module module load worker/1.6.12-foss-2021b Don't forget to specify a version. To list available versions, use module avail worker/
Submit parameter sweep wsub -batch weather.pbs -data data.csv
Submit job array wsub -t 1-100 -batch test_set.pbs
Submit job array with prolog and epilog wsub -prolog -batch test_set.pbs -epilog -t 1-100